3 Common Causes of Chronic Elbow Pain in Adults

3 Common Causes of Chronic Elbow Pain in Adults

Whether you’re reaching for a cup on a cabinet shelf or playing tennis, your elbow is critical to your movement. The more you use the elbow, the more susceptible it becomes to chronic pain and inflammation. Don’t worry; we don’t say this to scare you from using your elbow. Instead, the guide will inform you of some common causes of pain so that you can prepare yourself today. Look below when you’re ready to discover three common causes of chronic elbow pain in adults.

Tennis and Golfers Elbow

Chronic pain builds up over time due to repetitive motions. Therefore, it’s easy for sports players to endure problems such as chronic elbow pain. Tennis and golfers elbow refers to the overuse of the tendons around your elbow. The reason for this moniker is it’s easy for tennis and golf players to endure this due to the repetitive movements of using their racket.

However, this form of chronic pain happens to more people than tennis or golf players. For instance, if your job requires you to complete repetitive movements involving your elbow, you run the risk of overusing it and experiencing tennis or golfers elbow. The good news is that you don’t have to live with this pain forever. At Anodyne, our tennis elbow treatment involves a minimally invasive procedure that uses ultrasound technology to relieve pain.


Osteoarthritis is the result of the cartilage in your elbow wearing down. Once that cartilage completely wears down, your bones scrape against each other in a way that can create severe pain over time. Osteoarthritis can occur gradually in people who do a lot of physical activity. However, this form of chronic pain can also happen after a recent fracture or another injury.

If you have a recent injury or feel inflammation in your elbow, talk with your doctor about how your specific injury or habits may lead to arthritis. There’s not always a one-size fits all solution, so talking with an expert who can look at you will help you find the problem and an effective solution, such as physical therapy.

Stress Fractures

The common causes of chronic elbow pain in adults also include stress fractures. A stress fracture is a small crack that occurs on a bone due to overuse. Injuries like this are why it’s important not to overextend your body’s abilities. Stress fractures most commonly appear in the feet, but it’s a primary culprit behind elbow pain, too.

Keeping your bones strong with a good diet and workout routine can help you avoid stress fractures over time. Now that you know more about the causes of chronic elbow pain, talk with your doctor about how they may be affecting you and what you can do to find a comfortable solution.