Shoulder Pain Doctor

Relieve Shoulder Discomfort: Shoulder Pain Solutions

What is Shoulder Pain?

Many people think that the shoulder is just one part of the body, but it is made up of a group of muscles, tendons, and joints.

When so many things have to work together just to lift your arm, it’s normal to have some kind of shoulder trouble, pain, or discomfort at some point.

The pain itself could be caused by a number of conditions that may affect any or all of the surrounding tissues or joints. Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone.

Shoulder Pain Symptoms

Shoulder pain can show up in many different ways, such as a “frozen shoulder” that makes it hard to move your arm, pain and soreness in the shoulder, or a clicking, popping, or grinding sound when you move your arm.

Treatment for Shoulder Pain

At Anodyne Pain and Health Group, we offer these non-opioid solutions to your shoulder pain:

Physical therapy
Trigger point injections
Biologic injections
Chiropractic care
And more

Anodyne Pain and Health Group understands how shoulder discomfort impacts your life and daily responsibilities. Our shoulder pain specialists diagnose and treat. They use personalized non-opioid treatment plans, rehabilitation exercises, pain management, and new techniques to relieve discomfort in the shoulder, get the shoulder to work again, and improve the health of our patients.