Pain Clinic

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What is Pain?

Pain is a complicated and personal feeling that our bodies use as an important warning system. It is a bad feeling that can range from mild discomfort to excruciating pain.

What Causes Pain?

Pain can be caused by many things, such as an injury, illness, or a medical problem that is already there. It shows up in different ways for different people and can be affected by physical, social, and mental factors.

Struggling with pain getting in the way of your everyday life?


Pain can be triggered by physical injuries, such as sprains, fractures, or muscle strains, which activate pain receptors in the affected tissues.


Medical conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and more can also contribute to chronic or recurring pain. Inflammatory processes, nerve damage, or abnormalities in the central nervous system may further contribute to the development and persistence of pain.


Psychological factors, including stress, anxiety, and depression, can increase pain perception and impact its intensity.

Pain Management Solutions

At Anodyne Pain and Health Group, we know that pain is complicated and it is our goal to figure out how it works. Our team of pain management experts works hard to find the underlying cause of pain, create personalized treatment plans, and improve the quality of life for our patients without the use of opioids or narcotics.