3 Effective Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Joint Pain

3 Effective Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Joint Pain

Joint pain in areas such as the knees and elbows is no small annoyance. This pain can affect patients as they try to complete regular daily tasks, whether it’s working, exercising, or walking around their homes. If you want to explore alternatives to surgery for your joint pain, then procedures and specialists exist. However, everyone is unique, so the road to relief requires looking at specific details about your health. Start today by reading these effective non-surgical treatment options for joint pain.

Physical Therapy Sessions

In the right hands, a massage can be a great tool to combat joint pain, which is why it’s often included in physical therapy sessions. Physical therapy is effective for reducing pain, especially when it comes to addressing factors such as mobility and overall functionality.

A physical therapist can use various hands-on massages and more techniques to treat the affected joint. In addition, physical therapy may include changing personal lifestyle factors. For example, your therapist may recommend a different workout routine that best suits your joint pain relief needs.

Pain Management Injections

PRP injections are effective non-surgical treatment options for joint pain that you can discuss with a professional. At Anodyne, we offer PRP joint injections for pain relief. PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma.” This injection uses plasma from the patient’s body to soothe the inflamed or sore joint.

A PRP injection aims to increase the volume of platelets in the joint to promote natural healing within the patient’s body. This step is more invasive than a massage but far less invasive than a surgical procedure. Natural healing treatments like PRP injections can give your body the extra nudge it needs to return to a healthier, more relaxed state.

Weight Management Plans

Another non-surgical treatment that can reduce joint pain is maintaining a healthy weight. Better weight management makes it easier for your joints to support your body. When you carry extra weight, whether that’s in a backpack or in your own body, you put more physical stress on yourself. Of course, working out to lose and manage a healthy weight is challenging if your joints hurt the whole time.

This is one of the key reasons patients team with experts at physical wellness centers. As we mentioned above, an expert can assess your needs to find the most effective treatment option. For example, at Anodyne, an individual assessment is one of the most important steps in exploring physical therapy, PRP injections, weight management, and more treatments.