3 Surprising Benefits of Red-Light Therapy​

3 Surprising Benefits of Red-Light Therapy

If you’re unaware of what makes red-light therapy so effective, we can help you learn today. Using light to treat problems such as chronic pain may seem odd to newcomers, and that’s understandable. Let’s dive into how straightforward and helpful this process is when you work with reliable experts. Read below to find several surprising benefits of red-light therapy that can help you restore your comfort and mobility.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

When you think about pain and inflammation reduction, you may think about using prescription drugs to deal with the problem. However, the wavelengths of red-light therapy have a surprisingly effective impact on our bodies. The carefully applied wavelengths are targeted at the affected area to promote healing.

This treatment is a viable choice for patients experiencing acute pain, chronic pain, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more. Now, let’s explore why this type of therapy is a common solution to pain and inflammation in our bodies.

Prioritizes Natural Healing

One detail that may surprise newcomers about red-light therapy is that it focuses on natural healing. Think about light therapy and your body as a great partnership, as the wavelengths of the light promote your body’s healing abilities. This healing happens because the wavelengths stimulate your mitochondria, ensuring it can efficiently repair damaged tissue. However, as you’ll learn in the next section, this isn’t the only way your body can efficiently heal with red-light therapy.

Promotes Healthy Blood Flow

One more surprising benefit of red-light therapy is its impact on blood flow. Promoting increased blood flow around the damaged tissue is helpful because it assists in speeding up the healing process. Healthy circulation helps white blood cells get to damaged tissue efficiently, and blood flow is invaluable when improving our body’s natural healing abilities. Reach out to our team at Anodyne for red-light full-body therapy that will help you combat chronic pain and more health issues.