4 Chronic Pain Treatments You May Not Have Considered

4 Chronic Pain Treatments You May Not Have Considered

Chronic pain treatments vary wildly, so it’s understandable that not everyone knows the options available. If you don’t want to use surgery to treat pain, consider the non-invasive alternatives that exist today. So what are those alternatives? Learn more today by reading these four chronic pain treatments you may not have considered.

Tenex Procedures

If you want a solution for chronic pain that is minimally invasive, then Tenex procedures may be ideal for you. Tenex procedures use ultrasound technology to address chronic tendon pain. For instance, at Anodyne, we provide Tenex procedures to help patients with tendonitis.

After making an incision and inserting a needle carefully into the affected area, the ultrasound begins breaking down the damaged tissue. Thanks to this step, the health-care specialist can then remove the damaged tissue so that you can regain the comfort you deserve.

Full-Body Red Light Therapy

This option requires no incision or needle at all. The wavelengths of red light can promote stronger healing habits in tissue. By strengthening the mitochondria in our bodies, red light can promote blood circulation and reduce inflammation around the injured area for a natural recovery. Full-body red light therapy can treat back pain, acute and chronic pain, muscle strain, and other injuries.

Chiropractic Care

Reliable chiropractors use their knowledge of the human body to realign or adjust spines for easy pain relief. Chiropractor care can include hands-only adjustments to assist with the neck, lower back, and more.

However, you can also find non-invasive chiropractic services, such as Graston therapy, that use instruments to assist with pain reduction. Thanks to the many options available, you can talk with chiropractors to find a specific chiropractic process that best aligns with what your body needs.

PRP Injections

An additional chronic pain treatment you may not have considered is PRP injections. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections involve using your own blood to help heal the pain in other areas. More specifically, it’s the aforementioned platelets in your blood that help out with pain relief in the joints and other areas of your body.

PRP injections occur when a professional extracts the plasma from your body and redistributes it to the affected area. That way, the higher presence of platelets can help the healing process occur naturally.