IV Therapy for Jet Lag: A Traveler’s Must-Have

IV Therapy for Jet Lag: A Traveler’s Must-Have

Traveling is often about escaping to somewhere else for an enjoyable getaway. Even traveling for business has its benefits because you can experience completely different countries and cultures while working. However, there are various problems that can hinder your enjoyment. One of these problems is jet lag. The good news is that you can help your body deal with jet lag, ensuring it doesn’t make your trip even more stressful.

You shouldn’t have to settle for illness or discomfort when you reach your destination. You should be ready to take full advantage of what the trip has to offer. The details below will help you plan for a healthy and rewarding getaway. Continue below to explore a full breakdown of why IV therapy for jet lag is a traveler’s must-have, whether you’re going for business or pleasure.

Identifying Jet Lag

Before we address the solutions, let’s take a closer look at the symptoms. So, what exactly is jet lag? Whether you occasionally or frequently travel, it’s important to spot the signs of jet lag so that you can help your body adjust. Everyone has their own routine, and traveling to a new time zone can mess with that routine. Jet lag is a situation in which your body struggles to adjust to a new location due to the time zone difference.

For example, if you leave in the morning but fly to a destination that is still experiencing nighttime, you will be more awake when everyone else is winding down. It can be difficult to focus on the trip when you’re too busy getting your body used to the time zone. The situation can become even more complicated if you’re going to your destination for a specific event. If you can’t get your body in tune with the time difference, it can leave you unfocused and less energetic when the event finally arrives. Failing to adjust to the new time zone will also put a wrench in your schedule if you want to visit locals. While they’re asleep, you’ll be awake, or vice versa.

Jet Lag Symptoms

Jet lag isn’t a disease that will stay with you forever, but it’s an effect that can last a few days. If you’re only visiting for a few days, that can certainly make the whole trip and turnaround back home disorienting. That said, what are the specific side effects of jet lag? Not everyone will have the same experience with let lag, but there are several common symptoms. These symptoms include failing to fall asleep or wake up at suitable times, stomach aches, trouble focusing, and mood changes.

There are certain ways to adjust to jet lag, but they’re not always convenient. For example, you can start adjusting your daily habits to better match the destination’s schedule, but that’s not always an accessible approach. Plus, you run the risk of then experiencing jet lag upon return if you don’t prep your body for your normal routine at home. Suffice it to say that it’s not always easy to change your daily routine at the snap of your fingers. Luckily, you could benefit from turning to IV therapy for assistance.

What Is IV Therapy?

Don’t worry—jet lag may hinder your trip, but it’s not typically something that leads to a hospital visit. No surgery is necessary here. IV therapy is a straightforward procedure that uses an IV to provide patients with vitamins and nutrients. That may sound strange at first because you can simply take supplements and vitamins by eating them, right? The primary benefit of the IV method is that it sends those nutrients straight to your bloodstream for a faster effect.

Instead of waiting for your body to digest the ingredients, you can experience them quicker with an IV. An IV can contain various different vitamins and nutrients, allowing you to tailor your experience to your needs. For example, at Anodyne, our vitamin IV drips administered by an expert include the quench infusion, super immunity infusion, and more options. Now, we can take a closer look at what it is about IV therapy that makes it so helpful for jet lag symptoms. You know it’s a quicker method, but there’s more to the titular treatment than that.

IV Therapy for Jet Lag

Jet lag may not be a long-term illness, but if you want to better prepare your body for the day ahead, you can turn to IV therapy sessions. This procedure is straightforward but very effective. Getting an IV infusion prior to your trip can keep you hydrated and energized during the flight. However, the infusion can help after your flight, too, so it depends on what time works best for your schedule. For instance, if you arrive at the destination and the let lag is leaving you dehydrated and drowsy, you can have an expert provide you with the right infusion upon arrival.

Talking Specific Solutions

So, what makes the infusion right for you? It all starts with talking to the healthcare specialist providing the treatment. From there, you can look at their specific ingredients. You can boost your immune system with a simple infusion if you want to combat illnesses on your trip. For example, at Anodyne, our Full Myers Cocktail is an infusion that prioritizes benefits such as an immunity boost, fatigue reduction, and preventative therapy for the cold and the flu. In addition, our Reboot Infusion puts more emphasis on hydration and nausea.

As you can see, it’s no surprise that a travel’s must-have checklist includes IV therapy for jet lag, whether before or after the flight. Jet lag can put a delay on the fun activities you want to enjoy on your getaway. Luckily, an IV infusion therapy session may be your key to easier, more comfortable travel. Shifting time zones makes things complicated, but you can avoid those complications with the right planning. Talk to an expert about trying an IV infusion for your next trip so that you can make the most out of your time away from home.

IV Therapy for Jet Lag: A Traveler’s Must-Have