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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is an increasingly prevalent condition in today’s tech-heavy lifestyle, affecting those who frequently perform repetitive hand movements or sustain prolonged awkward hand positions. It occurs when the median nerve, which runs from the forearm into the palm, becomes compressed within the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway at the wrist encased by bones and ligaments.

What Are the 4 Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The symptoms of CTS can vary, but typically include:

Numbness and Tingling: Commonly impacts the thumb, index, and middle fingers, often described as a “pins and needles” feeling that can extend up the arm.

Pain: Ranging from mild to severe, pain usually worsens at night or during activities that require fine motor skills.

Weakness: A reduction in hand strength that can make it difficult to grip objects or perform detailed tasks.

Mobility Loss: Patients may find themselves more likely to drop objects due to the numbness or weakness in their hands.

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While repetitive hand movements are the primary risk factor for developing CTS, other elements can also contribute:

Medical Conditions: Disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and thyroid issues can heighten inflammation and nerve pressure.

Pregnancy: Fluid retention and hormonal shifts during pregnancy can increase the likelihood of developing CTS.

Genetics: There is often a genetic component that makes some individuals more prone to this condition.

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Accurate diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment. At Anodyne Pain and Health Clinic in Marietta, the diagnostic process begins with a thorough review of symptoms and a physical exam of the hand, wrist, and arm. Diagnostic tests might include:

Nerve Conduction Studies (NCS): Measures the electrical impulses in the median nerve.

Electromyography (EMG): Evaluates the electrical activity of muscles to pinpoint muscle weakness or damage associated with CTS.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment in Marietta, GA

Lifestyle Modifications: Ergonomic adjustments and changes in hand use habits are recommended to alleviate stress on the wrist.

Wrist Splints: Employing wrist splints, especially during the night, can help stabilize the wrist and reduce pressure on the median nerve.

Physical Therapy: Targets strengthening and flexibility of the hand and wrist muscles to alleviate symptoms.

Medications: Over-the-counter pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications can help manage pain and reduce swelling.

Corticosteroid Injections: These may be used to provide temporary relief from severe pain and inflammation.

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For cases where conservative treatments do not provide sufficient relief, carpal tunnel release surgery may be an option. This procedure, performed in Marietta, involves cutting the transverse carpal ligament to relieve pressure on the median nerve, often resulting in significant improvement.

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Preventive measures can significantly mitigate the risk of CTS:

Ergonomic Practices: Configuring workspaces to support proper wrist alignment.

Regular Break: Introducing breaks during repetitive tasks to reduce strain on the hands and wrists.

Hand and Wrist Exercises: Engaging in exercises designed to strengthen and increase flexibility.

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Anodyne Pain and Health Group in Marietta, GA, provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you are experiencing symptoms, contact us to schedule a consultation and learn more about how our targeted treatments can restore your comfort and functionality. We accept Medicare and most major insurance plans, ensuring all patients have access to high-quality care.

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Greatly improved my quality of life!

The staff at Anodyne West Cobb is amazing. I went there desperate w/ long time, great pain of the back and especially the shoulder. Dr Joel applied solutions including laser and Shockwave that have greatly improved my quality if life! Thank you Anodyne and Dr Joel!

Mike D.

The staff was extremely professional!

I visited Anodyne for the Meyers cocktail IV following a vacation, and WOW! The experience itself is just worth it of having 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to kick your feet up and relax. The staff was extremely professional, and pain free administration of the IV. I woke up the next day feeling like a new person! I had more energy, less joint pain, and was glowing! I highly recommend their services!

Tiffany S.

Great customer service and care!

I love this place. If i could give 10 stars I would. Not only are they good at what they do, they give you knowledge so that you understand what they will be doing during treatment. Great customer service and care. #TeamAnodynePain&Wellness

Latoya B.

I have noticed a tremendous improvement!

Come specifically for Dr. Joel just because he’s that great! But don’t get me wrong all of the staff here is amazing! And the laser and shockwave machine is incredible on my ankle! I’ve had constant pain in it for years and for the past 3 weeks I’ve gotten my ankle worked on I have noticed a tremendous improvement in my stability and pain as a whole! Definitely a returning patient!

Yo M.

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