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Peripheral Neuropathy Specialist in St. Louis, MO

What is Peripheral Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy, widely recognized as nerve therapy, involves specialized treatment techniques aimed at alleviating chronic pain and improving nerve function. For those living in St. Louis, this condition can be managed with cutting-edge therapies that directly address the root causes and symptoms of neuropathy.

Board-Certified Peripheral Neuropathy Doctors in St. Louis, MO

Peripheral neuropathy treatments in St. Louis utilize state-of-the-art technologies and methods to deliver targeted relief. These include administering controlled electrical impulses and precision medications directly to the impacted nerves. Such treatments are designed to interrupt pain signals and boost the body’s innate healing abilities, providing considerable relief and aiding in the recovery of nerve function.

Top Rated Peripheral Neuropathy Center in St. Louis, MO

Individuals suffering from peripheral neuropathy experience a range of symptoms, which can vary based on the severity and location of the nerve damage. Common symptoms reported in St. Louis include:

  • Persistent pain
  • Tingling or prickling sensations
  • Numbness, often described as a “pins and needles” feeling
  • Muscle weakness and subsequent atrophy
  • Reduced coordination and agility
  • Heightened sensitivity to touch
  • Alterations in temperature sensitivity
  • Loss of sensation in affected regions
  • Changes in blood pressure, heart rate, or digestive function

Recognizing and addressing these symptoms early is crucial for effective management and treatment.

St. Louis Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment Clinic

Peripheral neuropathy can arise from a variety of conditions and factors, including:

  • Diabetes: This is a common cause where high blood sugar levels lead to ongoing nerve damage.
  • Trauma or Injury: Such as from accidents, falls, or sports injuries, which can directly harm nerves.
  • Infections: Certain infectious diseases like Lyme disease, shingles, or HIV/AIDS can trigger neuropathy.
  • Toxic Substances: Exposure to toxic chemicals, heavy metals, and certain medications, as well as lifestyle choices like excessive alcohol and tobacco use, can adversely affect nerves.
  • Autoimmune Diseases: Conditions where the immune system attacks its own body, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus, can cause nerve damage.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Inadequate levels of essential nutrients, especially vitamin B12.
  • Genetic Conditions: Some inherited neuropathies that affect individuals from a young age.
  • Kidney Disorders: Chronic kidney disease can lead to neuropathy due to the accumulation of toxins in the body that damage nerve tissue.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Such as those caused by hypothyroidism can induce symptoms of neuropathy.
  • Cancer and Vascular Disorders: Cancer treatments or tumors pressing on nerves, and conditions that impair blood circulation can all contribute to neuropathy.

Best Peripheral Neuropathy Specialists in St. Louis, MO

At the Anodyne Pain and Health Group located in St. Louis, our team comprises highly skilled specialists in nerve therapy. We employ a patient-centered approach, crafting individualized treatment plans that address the unique challenges and needs of each person. Our goal is to enhance the overall quality of life for those suffering from neuropathic pain and associated conditions.

Leading Peripheral Neuropathy Doctors in St. Louis, MO

If you are in St. Louis and struggling with chronic pain, numbness, or fatigue that disrupts your daily life, it is crucial to seek professional guidance. Our treatments are designed to not only alleviate pain but also to address the underlying causes of neuropathy. Contact us to learn more about our innovative peripheral neuropathy treatments and how we can help you regain your balance, reduce discomfort, and live a more fulfilling life. Explore our services today and take the first step towards recovery and well-being in St. Louis, MO.

Anodyne Pain and Health Group Reviews

I was immediately in less pain than in nearly 20 years!

I’ve struggled with chronic neck, shoulder, and back issues since I was a teenager, and they’ve only worsened with time. I’ve visited other chiropractors and physical therapists over the years, but with little if any improvement in symptoms, so I didn’t have high hopes when visiting Anodyne, but from the first adjustment I got from Dr. Ted, things have been different. I was immediately in less pain than I’d been in in nearly 20 years, and that has only continued to improve as I’ve gotten further adjustments and physical therapy treatments at Anodyne.

Brad K.

These are the people I will go to from now on!

I received excellent service from everyone at Anodyne pain center when my sciatica nerve pain was too much to walk, stand or sit. Every employee/Doctor there were very knowledgeable. I was heading out of town for a funeral and was not going to be able to sit on the airplane much less walk through the airport in the amount of pain I was having. They squeezed me in their schedule and had me fixed up in no time! These are the people I will go to from now on! Thank you so much John, Sam, Ted and Jillian!

David W.

My back is now nearly 100% recovered!

I found Anodyne at point when my lower back pain was intolerable and was interfering with my life. I tried many other things which did not help. The professionals at Anodyne really know their respective fields, but a real differentiator is how well they listen. My treatments were focused on my specific symptoms and lifestyle. Everything was explained to me along the way. I am
Pleased to say that my back is now nearly 100% recovered. I have recommended Anodyne to others and would return in the event of future needs.

Sean O.

Very friendly, helpful, and cares about everyone!

Previous to coming to Anodyne, I had only tried physical therapy to relieve my pain. Anodyne evaluated not just my pain, but my entire body and is currently treating it by various types of treatments.

My treatment was determined by all of my doctors, together, specifically for me. Every staff member here is very friendly, helpful, and cares about everyone. You can tell they love their job!

Emily M.

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