PRP Injections for Neck Pain Relief: Things To Consider

PRP Injections for Neck Pain Relief: Things To Consider

A platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection is a procedure you can consider if you have physical pain, such as in your neck. However, PRP is not the go-to solution for every injury, so let’s discuss what you should know before meeting with an expert. Keep reading to learn a few helpful things to consider about PRP injections for neck pain relief.

What Is It?

This procedure is called platelet-rich plasma because it focuses on the healing power of platelets. More specifically, the platelets in our blood contain growth factors. Pain treatments can be found within ourselves, though a trained expert will need to help.

At Anodyne, we offer PRP for neck pain that extracts plasma from the patient’s own body. We’ve been focusing on platelets, but plasma is also important to discuss. Through that plasma, an expert can move platelets to injured areas of the patient’s body.

How Will It Help?

Now that you have a clearer look at how PRP injections work, you might wonder how moving these platelets around your body eases pain. The growth factors in the blood promote natural healing, so your blood can naturally heal damaged tissue thanks to platelets.

It all comes down to moving those platelets to areas that need special attention, such as your neck. After extracting the plasma, the expert can inject it into the area that needs more attention from platelets to heal. That way, you can effectively handle the pain.

Is the Procedure Invasive?

There is one more thing to consider about PRP injections for neck pain relief. How invasive is the procedure? It’s an understandable question to ask because not everyone is immediately ready for surgery and other invasive procedures.

Luckily, alternatives to surgery are available to explore with a health expert, and the PRP injection is one of them. This procedure is minimally invasive, so you don’t have to worry about any extensive surgery or medications. If you’re comfortable learning more about this topic, talk with an expert when you’re ready to learn how PRP can help your specific case.