Red Light Therapy: A Drug-Free Option for Pain Relief

Red Light Therapy: A Drug-Free Option for Pain Relief

Medication is a common solution when it comes to pain treatment. However, you don’t have to choose drugs for relief if you don’t want to. Instead, you can talk with an expert about promoting natural healing in your body using methods like red-light therapy. Find out how red-light therapy can be your drug-free option for pain relief using this guide.

Red Light Therapy Explained

First, you must know what to expect when you visit a professional. You might be asking yourself,

“if it doesn’t involve a medication or surgical procedure, how does red light therapy work?”. The process involves shining a red light onto your body, which may seem simple, but it’s doing something very complex. The light’s wavelengths affect the mitochondria in our cells.

Its purpose is to promote more efficient healing. Patients can experience better tissue repair for a satisfying recovery. Now that you see how red-light therapy works, we can dive deeper into how you can use it to treat your pain.

Will It Treat Acute or Chronic Pain?

Two categories you can use to identify pain are acute and chronic. Knowing the difference is critical to understanding the cause of the issue. Acute pain results from a sudden injury, while chronic pain occurs gradually. For example, nurses and physical therapists may categorize a sudden sports injury as acute, while back aches from years of bad posture are chronic. Red-light therapy is a drug-free option for pain relief that can address both categories.

Specific Symptoms & Solutions

Beyond acute or chronic pain, you’re probably wondering what specific problems a red-light therapy session can address. Red-light therapy is an FDA-approved process; you can talk with a professional about using it for a wide range of issues. For example, at Anodyne, our red light therapy clinic uses this treatment for muscle strain, back pain, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more.

Having a red-light therapy expert assess your pain will help you solidify whether this treatment is truly right for you. At the end of the day, everyone is different, so finding the perfect solution for any type of pain starts with a discussion with one’s primary care doctor. Talk with them about red-light therapy if you think it will relieve your symptoms successfully.