The Different Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

The Different Types of Hormone Replacement Therapy

When browsing the various types of hormone replacement therapy, you will see a lot of options. It can be overwhelming for someone who isn’t an expert to try to whittle down all those options to discover the one best suited for them. Don’t worry—we can provide you with some more clarity and guidance in the explanation below. Keep reading to learn how you can explore the different types of hormone replacement therapy with an expert and find the best path for you.

Reasons for Treatment

Discussing the various hormone replacement options requires first assessing the reasons for that treatment. The primary focus of this procedure is to find a solution for hormone imbalance. For example, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help you restore estrogen levels in your body. Low estrogen levels can occur as the result of menopause in many women, but it’s important to know that this treatment isn’t just for one gender.

If you are a man experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, and low libido, these issues may stem from a hormone imbalance. No matter your gender, know that you can talk to an expert about hormone replacement therapy as a potential solution.

Hormone Replacement Options

If you decide that hormone replacement therapy is the solution you want to pursue, you can choose from several different methods. Some experts provide this therapy with the assistance of tablets, creams, and more. At Anodyne, we currently provide natural hormone therapy using the EvexiPEL pellet therapy as it provides a steady physiologic dose, thus mimicking your own body’s function. Between creams and pellets, the treatment options are quite diverse.

At the end of the day, you should only opt for a treatment that you are comfortable with. Unfortunately, you also can’t snap your fingers and instantly address symptoms. It’s important to talk with the hormone replacement therapy provider about your preferences, needs, and options.

Discussing the Benefits

Having a broad understanding of different types of hormone replacement therapy is important for patients. Diving deeper into the specifics is something to do with a professional who knows more about you, your body, and the hormone replacement therapy science. This step is especially crucial because your specific symptoms may not initially seem to be a hormone imbalance to you. However, a healthcare expert will assess your body and your overall lifestyle to analyze where your symptoms are coming from.

Headaches and fatigue are common signs of hormone imbalance in various genders, but this isn’t the only health issue that those two symptoms are associated with. Exploring what hormone therapy entails beforehand will help you have a more concise conversation with an expert. Thanks to the guide above, you already know more and don’t have to wait longer to find help. Reach out to an expert today to explore how the ideas above could improve your daily life.