The Link Between Poor Sleep and Chronic Pain

The Link Between Poor Sleep and Chronic Pain

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, but achieving that rest is easier said than done. Trying to sleep can get complicated when you experience chronic pain. The link between poor sleep and chronic pain can make your life uncomfortable, but the discussion below will help you find ways to achieve comfort again. Read below to learn more and find your ideal solution ASAP.

Exploring the Link

Several things can link sleep and pain. For example, sleeping in awkward positions or with uncomfortable materials can eventually lead to pain. However, chronic pain can impact your sleeping habits.

After all, laying down to rest is difficult if your body is tense and experiencing soreness or inflammation. Chronic pain can have a domino effect on our bodies, and our sleeping habits are one of those dominoes that can fall over. Luckily, there are solutions that can help you manage your pain.

Calming Bodies and Minds

Sometimes, resetting our sleeping habits can help our bodies feel more comfortable. So take the time to create a restful, calm atmosphere in your bedroom. You can do this by removing distractions such as TVs, getting better drapes to make the room darker, or falling asleep at a more consistent time every day.

Pain Management

The link between poor sleep and chronic pain can wreak havoc on our daily habits, but pain management solutions are available. If you’re in pain, you can talk with an expert today. For example, at Anodyne, we have specialists ready to help patients find relief from chronic pain by assessing their whole lifestyle, and that includes sleeping habits.

Our chronic pain treatments include hands-on pain relief solutions, but we can also talk about daily habits you can change. That way, you have a strategy uniquely suited for your body and mind. Talk with an expert today if you need help finding relief for your body and getting a good night’s sleep.