The Tenex Procedure: A Solution for Tennis Elbow

The Tenex Procedure: A Solution for Tennis Elbow

Chronic pain is more than discomfort. This pain can make it hard to complete tasks throughout the day, so it’s not easy to overlook. For instance, tennis elbow can make work or sports more difficult. Your first response may be to simply give your arm time to rest. If that works with a momentary soreness, then you can get back to your daily routine easily. However, healing arm and elbow pain isn’t always as easy as icing and resting it for a day or two.

Reaching out to professionals for help with your pain can lead to solutions you may have never heard of before, such as Tenex. However, Tenex isn’t something you buy at the local grocery store, so how can you use it to resolve your problem? Keep reading to learn precisely why the Tenex procedure is a solution for tennis elbow, how it works, and what to expect from the procedure.

Tennis Elbow Explained

First, how do you spot the signs of tennis elbow? It’s not always apparent, so discussing how the titular procedure helps requires looking at where tennis elbow comes from. This form of pain is also known as lateral epicondylitis. This is a common problem for tennis players to run into—hence its nickname.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow

Simply put, tennis elbow occurs due to the overuse of the elbow. If you’re swinging tennis rackets enough over the years, your arm may start to hurt. However, the pain isn’t just for tennis players. Any overuse of this joint can result in tennis elbow. For example, if you’re a frequent golfer, swinging your clubs over the years can cause this problem to occur.

The biggest difference between tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow is where the pain occurs. Tennis elbow causes pain outside of the elbow, while golfer’s elbow hurts inside. Despite this difference, similar joint overuse is what causes both types of pain. You may also experience tennis elbow if you’re a plumber doing a lot of physical work with your arms. Essentially, any profession or hobby that requires frequent and strained use of the arms can cause tennis elbow.

Identifying lateral epicondylitis before seeing a professional requires noticing substantial pain in or around your elbow. If you feel pain and know your lifestyle could contribute to overly repetitive use, you can talk to healthcare professionals about taking the next steps.

A Closer Look at Tendons

So how exactly does lateral epicondylitis start happening in our bodies? We’ve talked about overuse, but the issue goes a bit deeper than that. Specifically, tennis elbow occurs due to the overload of our tendons around the elbow. These tendons play an important part in our anatomy by connecting muscle to bone. Overusing these tendons can result in tears forming that cause soreness and inflammation. You may feel the pain around just your elbow, but it may also lead to inflammation along your whole arm.

When injuries go untreated, they can have a domino effect on other parts of your body. This is why it’s so important to seek treatment. Facing these problems can be stressful, but it can be stress-relieving if you partner with the right professionals for pain resulting from tennis or golfer’s elbow. Next, let’s dive into how Tenex will help you find relief.

The Tenex Solution

If you feel pain and inflammation anywhere in your arms, talk to an expert about how you can help your body heal. At first, you might think healing an overused elbow requires extensive surgeries or medications. While doctors can prescribe drugs to treat tendon injuries such as tennis elbow, that isn’t the only path you have to take. Likewise, if you feel the symptoms of golfer’s elbow, you can turn to Tenex as a drug-free solution from pain-management specialists.

Although your pain may feel quite invasive, the solution doesn’t have to be. At Anodyne, we help patients heal using many methods, and it all comes down to matching the right treatment to the right patient. Once our experts determine that tennis or golfer’s elbow is what you’re experiencing, we can consider Tenex as a treatment. Our team provides Tenex as a tendonitis treatment, but we can also use it for more specific issues like tennis and golfer’s elbow.

What To Expect During the Tenex Procedure

Tenex involves a small needle and ultrasound imaging, making it a very minimally invasive procedure. If you associate ultrasound with only pregnancy, this idea might confuse you a bit. However, ultrasound is valuable to the Tenex procedure. A healthcare professional uses ultrasound imaging to guide the needle to the inflamed tendon.

As we mentioned above, the tissue connecting your muscles and bones is the core issue here, so it’s important to focus on that affected area. After the expert inserts the needle and locates the affected area using ultrasound, they will begin breaking down the damaged tissue inside. The goal is to reduce the damaged tissue to bring your body comfort and a chance to heal.

Tenex can play a key role in healing, but your healthcare professional may also discuss additional treatments to help your elbow recovery. This will help you get back to tennis, golf, work, and beyond as soon as possible. For example, physical therapy is a common way to help people with or recovering from tennis or golfer’s elbow. Many ways to address pain exist, so don’t assume you’re left without solutions if a day of rest doesn’t solve the problem.

Finding the Right Clinic and the Right Solution

Having the above knowledge should help you have a more direct, concise conversation with any healthcare experts helping you with your procedure. After all, that first conversation is crucial for finding out whether you’re at the right clinic. The right clinic should have professional equipment and a personalized plan that shows the medical professionals are looking at your specific requirements. This is important because Tenex might not be the best decision for everyone.

However, the Tenex procedure remains a solution for tennis elbow that you can discuss with healthcare professionals. Instead of seeking help from just any healthcare expert, find someone who specializes in Tenex procedures. That way, you know you are in the hands of a knowledgeable, experienced professional. Although Tenex is an effective treatment for tennis and golfer’s elbow, the right solution always comes down to your specific situation. Just like you have to learn who your Tenex provider is, they need to understand who you are to find an effective solution. If you’re ready to learn more, reach out to a professional who can provide you with a Tenex procedure that meets your body’s needs.

The Tenex Procedure: A Solution for Tennis Elbow