The O-Shot and P-Shot: How Do the Treatments Work?

The O-Shot and P-Shot: How Do the Treatments Work?

Problems with sexual function can become stressful. You should never feel ashamed about issues affecting your performance because solutions exist, regardless of your sex. For instance, O-Shot and P-Shot treatments are two options, but not everyone is privy to what they are and how they can help.

So, how do the treatments work? The O-Shot and P-Shot can be your keys to regaining sexual wellness, so read our guide to learn more before seeking assistance.

Using PRP for Assistance

Let’s start by looking at what makes these treatments similar: the use of PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. It involves your own blood, so this natural solution encourages your body to improve itself. PRP specialists remove a blood sample so they can gather the platelets and concentrate them using a centrifuge. This treatment aims to take advantage of platelet growth factors that promote tissue repair. After concentrating the platelets, a specialist will inject them into the affected area of your body to increase the presence of growth factors and encourage tissue healing.

Comparing the O-Shot and P-Shot

Now that you understand the O-Shot and P-Shot from a broad perspective, let’s narrow the focus to what makes each option unique. Both treatments are common solutions at sexual wellness clinics. Applying PRP injections to certain areas of the body can stimulate sexual functions. For example, our experts at Anodyne provide the P-Shot treatment, which is a PRP injection that stimulates the penis.

The O-Shot is for vaginal rejuvenation. Both treatments are applied to areas that affect sexual functions to help patients find relief and live happier lives.

Seeking Treatment Today

An important detail to remember about both shots is that they aren’t instant solutions for every person. At Anodyne, we provide these shots after consulting with patients to assess their experiences. Everyone has their own story, so they deserve to work with a professional who will listen to them and discuss the best treatment options available. If you’re experiencing issues relating to sex, such as low libido, you can talk to an expert in your area to find a suitable treatment.

Thanks to this guide on the O-Shot and P-Shot, understanding how the treatments work will help you determine the next steps for your life. Talking to an expert about your unique needs will help you explore your options and learn about treatments that will support your sexual health.