What Is Plantar Fasciitis: Everything You Need To Know

What Is Plantar Fasciitis: Everything You Need To Know

Many spend their lives walking, running, and standing. Completing work tasks, experiencing social gatherings, and other everyday habits require using our feet and legs to move around. Movement is so integral to our lives and routines that it’s easy to overlook how it can affect our bodies. An important example of this effect is plantar fasciitis. Here is everything you need to know about what plantar fasciitis is and how to regain comfort.

Where It Happens

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation that occurs at the bottom of the foot. Your right and left feet both have thick tissue at the bottom called the plantar fascia. This tissue connects to your heel and toes, and you walk on it every time you’re up on your feet. Thus, it’s easy to notice plantar fasciitis when you’re walking around.

A consistent pain that occurs when you stand up and periodically returns throughout the day may be plantar fasciitis, so don’t overlook those signs of injury. Now, let’s identify a few lifestyle factors that will encourage plantar fasciitis to occur.

Why You Experience Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis occurs due to overuse of the plantar fascia. Therefore, it can inflame due to various reasons. For example, long periods of standing, jogging, or walking can lead to inflammation in the arch of your foot. Anything that strains your plantar fascia, such as excess weight, can contribute to inflammation.

The more weight your body carries, the more pressure you put on your plantar fascia. Now that you have a clearer view of what plantar fasciitis is detailing everything you need to know about regaining comfort will help set you down the right path to treatment.

How To Regain Comfort

As mentioned above, plantar fasciitis stems from various lifestyle-related actions. Working with a health and wellness clinic can help you identify those lifestyle factors and various treatment methods to create an easier path forward. For example, working with an expert in weight management will be helpful if excessive weight is a major culprit behind your pain symptoms. Weight management is only one of the many options you can explore because what may work for one patient won’t always apply to every patient.

Plantar fasciitis treatment isn’t as easy as walking to a local shop to buy an ointment or pill for the pain. Having an expert assess your symptoms ensures you can narrow down your treatment options to find an accurate solution. At Anodyne, one treatment we specialize in is Tenex for plantar fasciitis. The Tenex procedure requires a trained expert to perform it and is a minimally invasive way to reduce inflammation. Talk to an expert today if you’re ready to regain comfort in your feet and enjoy your daily routine again.